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Gain a hands-on experience of the implementation of the schools of psychology in relationship with therapy

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June 10, 2021

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A lot of us are interested to pursue psychology but most of us are not aware about what specialisation is suitable for you. A lot of time we are taught about the types and subtypes of various theoretical schools of psychology but we are hardly given a practical insight into it. This course will help you have a hands-on experience regarding the implementation of those schools of psychology especially in relationship with the therapies.

During the course you will also learn about the the basic role of a counselor irrespective of the specialisation you get into. These skills will be helpful to you across all dimensions of psychology and will also be an aid to selfcare.


- Fast track your skills as a counsellor

- Learn the inside secrets of essential skills necessary to become a counsellor

- Learn about therapies that are not taught as a part of traditional psychology course


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