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Why Content Creation, Curation, And Marketing ? Content, as we say, is the king for any digital marketing process or …

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Why Content Creation, Curation, And Marketing ?

  • Content, as we say, is the king for any digital marketing process or any website.
  • Unless the content is attractive your ideas won’t be able to fetch followers.
  • Blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, ecommerce portals and myriad other sources of information require content writing as well as content curation techniques.
  • If you know the art of writing your content with apt techniques then you would be able to work full time or part time or a freelancer.
  • The demand for the amount of content written worldwide is increasing gigantically.
  • You also get to learn the niches that help your content to reach top rankings on search engine platforms.

The Mentor onboard for the Content creation, curation and marketing course is Mr. Sunny Takrani. He is the Chief Marketing Officer of Bookmypg and Younity.in. He has a hands down experience in Content Writing with Bookmypg, Younity, RK Surgicals and India Shine. He is an expert in his field as he is the backbone behind the Face pages of Younity and Bookmypg and now he is guiding the students of this course with theoretical as well practical knowledge of how to present and engage your audience.Why This Course From Younity ?
Younity has bring forth the deal of content writing and curating course, which help put out your ideas in a better, systematic and presentable way. We provide you with a 30 day course, having the appropriate balance of practical as well as theoretical knowledge with live interacting sessions and under the guidance of experienced and professional mentors.Why Live Sessions ?
Interacting with a bunch of people together,during live sessions with the same energy and zeal helps to increase productivity. These sessions boost confidence and helps in the active participation of all the members leading to quick and effective learning. Live Sessions provide easy doubt solving from the mentors and the opportunity to learn directly from the industry experts.Mentor On Board


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