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This course is specially curated for beginners who wish to explore the fundamentals of MS Excel.

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September 22, 2021

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The knowledge and use of Excel never seem to end, it grows on a scale of one to ten. With analytical jobs on the rise, there has never been more of a demand for excel skills than there is today in 2021. By gaining insights into the basic fundamentals of Excel, you will get numerous advantages in future as it not only helps you to analyse data in a short span of time but will also increase your productivity. This Introductory course by Younity will help you shine out of the crowd and make you a valuable asset for the company. It’s the most powerful tool to manage business and the fact is it also extends to administration skills giving you diverse field of careers. It makes your CV more attractive by being well versed in advanced abilities of excel and also provides you with higher ranking jobs.  

Insights of this Course

  • Introduction
  • Pivot Tables
  • Formatting
  • Doubts/Buffer
  • Symbols, Equation, Editing, Link
  • Overview of Excel tables and properties, Sort, Filter
  • Left, Right, Mid, Len, CONCATENATE
  • Logical Functions
  • Using Excel Formula
  • Importing & Exporting Data
  • Data tools
  • Application of functions - Upper, Lower, Trim, Repeat
  • Find, Exact, Replace, Textjoin, Value, Fixed.
Right from young teenagers looking forward to build up their skills to adults with the willingness to learn, this course is open for everyone.
This course doesn't necessarily need you to have any prior knowledge as MS Excel is covered right from the scratch. If you know how to type on a keyboard and scroll through the mouse, you are skilled enough to enroll for this course.
This course introduces you to the interface and fundamentals of MS Excel and gives insights into how one can find easy solutions to complex daily-life solutions on this software with applications across all domains.
Completing this course from Younity gives you access to live interactive sessions with our expert mentors on board along with on-demand recorded lectures to facilitate 24×7 learning. This course contains projects which give you a hands-on experience in MS Excel.


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