What you will Learn ? The need to invest Money control and ET money tour Mutual funds Types of Mutual …

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What you will Learn ?

  • The need to invest
  • Money control and ET money tour
  • Mutual funds
  • Types of Mutual funds
  • Concept of Mutual Fund and NAV
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The mentor onboard for Personal Finance course is Mr Ojasva Chugh. He is an Ex Deputy Manager at ICICI Bank and an Ex Wealth Consultant in ICICI Bank. He has an immense knowledge and practical experience in the field of Stock Market Trading, Mutual funds and Taxation Management .He is an expert in his field, now guiding the students for the Personal Finance course. Learning from the best has always been beneficial in all aspects and our mentor is surely one of them.Why This Course From Younity?
We follow a holistic approach to a student’s development by providing a plethora of opportunities.The mentorship that is provided for the courses is quite amazing and unmatched.We not only focus on theoretical knowledge but we give you the exposure to practical experience by providing internship opportunities for the same.Our mentors helps you tap the right opportunity and support you to work for it.We promote education beyond classroom that allows students to practise and apply their learning.Why Live Sessions?
Interacting with a bunch of people together,during live sessions with the same energy and zeal helps to increase productivity. These sessions boost confidence and helps in the active participation of all the members leading to quick and effective learning. Live Sessions provide easy doubt solving from the mentors and the opportunity to learn directly from the industry experts.Who This Course Is For?
Students from any field of interest can pursue this course. Little bit knowledge of accounting, business, finance, economics, law or mathematics can help to resonate better.Students without prior knowledge can also start from scratch and can benefit themselves for lifetime.Who Is The Mentor?


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