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Gen-Z Development Program

It is specially curated for the Gen-Z to gain insights & exposure to the norms of the professional world!

User Experience and Design Fundamentals with Figma

Learn how to design attractive web pages and gain insights into building a working prototype and your professional portfolio.

Mastering The 64 Squares

An introductory course on the Game of Kings for beginners

Tarot Card

Presenting a well planned Tarot course for beginners where you will learn to read Tarot cards with deep meaning.

Concepts and Tools of Psychological and Career Counselling

Gain a hands-on experience of the implementation of the schools of psychology in relationship with therapy


Exploratory Data Analytics is the branch of Data Science that deals with the process of initial investigation and analysis of data to summarise, visualise and draw conclusions towards finding the inferences of the study.

Data Analytics, Data Forecasting and Machine Learning

Gain insights into the fundamentals of Data Science and learn how to make logical predictions through your analysis.

The Psychology of Writing

Unleash the hidden writer within you

Introduction To MS EXCEL

This course is specially curated for beginners who wish to explore the fundamentals of MS Excel.

Advanced Excel

Why Advance Excel? This powerful tool helps to analyse information. Excel helps to resolve business problems and upgrades our skills …

Marketing Management

Why Marketing Management? It is one of the top-notch requirements for business It will help you understand buyer behavior Helps …

Personal Finance

What you will Learn ? The need to invest Money control and ET money tour Mutual funds Types of Mutual …

Technical Analysis

Why Technical Analysis ? It helps in estimating a cost-effective way Creating attractive representation of financial position Helps in financial …

NCFM: Equity Derivatives Module(Beginners & Advanced)

What is NCFM ? NCFM is an NSE Certification in Financial Markets. It is an online testing and certification program …

Entrepreneurship Program

Why Entrepreneurship Program? Helps understand the basics of a start-up. Art of Pitching. Effective group discussions. Executing Ideas smartly. Why …

Financial Modelling

Why Financial Modeling? Makes you capable to make better decision for the firm Prepares the scenario so that organisation knows …

Content Creation, Curation, Marketing

Why Content Creation, Curation, And Marketing ? Content, as we say, is the king for any digital marketing process or …

Graphic Designing

Why Graphic Designing? It helps to clearly resonate the ideas and thoughts of the audience through visual communication. Good graphics …
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