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Entrepreneurship Program



Why Entrepreneurship Program?

  • Helps understand the basics of a start-up.
  • Art of Pitching.
  • Effective group discussions.
  • Executing Ideas smartly.

Why Digital Marketing In Corporate World ?

  • Digital marketing is the new norm for a successful business
  • Gaining exposure and customers in a business is only possible through the online market now.
  • Digital marketing is not only cost effective,yields better returns in a short span of time.
  • It helps to build pivotal relationships with customers and establishes brand reputation.
  • Digital Marketing helps bolster your business ethics and helps in the expansion of the firm.

What Do You Get ?

  • 15 Hours of Live Classes
  • 15 Hours on Demand Videos
  • 1 Month of learning Material
  • Lifetime access
  • 1 month of Internship experience
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 24/7 real time assistance from Mentor

Why This Course From Younity ?

  • We as a community help in the holistic development of a student even outside the classroom.
  • The mentorship standards are quite amazing and unmatched as compared to any other platform.
  • We help in the wholesome development of a person by not only providing theoretical but practical knowledge as well.
  • Our mentors help you tap the right opportunity, and allow a smooth learning experience from the industry experts.

Who This Course Is For?

  • Anyone from any background can pursue Entrepreneurship, It’s just the quality and dedication you put into your Idea.
  • For School and college students
  • For people looking for Business opportunities

Why This Course From Younity?

We follow a holistic approach to a student’s development by providing a plethora of opportunities. The mentorship that is provided for the courses is quite amazing and unmatched. We not only focus on theoretical knowledge but we give you the exposure to practical experience by providing internship opportunities for the same. Our mentors helps you tap the right opportunity and support you to work for it. We promote education beyond classroom that allows students to practise and apply their learning.


Why Live Sessions?

Interacting with a bunch of people together, during live sessions with the same energy and zeal helps to increase productivity. These sessions boost confidence and helps in the active participation of all the members leading to quick and effective learning. Live Sessions provide easy doubt solving from the mentors and the opportunity to learn directly from the industry experts.


Who Is The Mentor?

The mentor on board for Entreprenuership Week is Mr. Prafful Garg who is an Indian entrepreneur, public speaker, sales and marketing strategist, growth strategist, content creator. He is the founder and CEO of Student Housing Company Bookmypg and an International student community Younity.in. He is now guiding students on Entreprenuership  with his theoretical and practical knowledge to improve their skills.


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