Introduction to French Language


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French is an official language in 29 countries which is derived from Gallo-Romance. It is also the first language of a few countries and have around 76 million native speakers. Learning new languages will add more value to a resume. 

Younity provides this crash course for all those students who want to build their foundation and develop a fluency in French language with work experience. Here all the students will be able to learn and gain experience with live interactive sessions with mentor. 


– 15 hours or live and interactive classes

– 15 hours of on demand online lectures

– Certificate of completion

– Live mentor assistance

– Module 1

~ Introduction to france and French language 

~ Basic conversion terms

~ French accent and alphabets

~ Guide to pronounciation


– Module 2

~ Definite and Indefinite Articles

~ Numbers

~ Converting masculine noun to Feminine

~ Plural of nouns

– Module 3

~ Countries and nationalities

~ Colors

~ Aller verb

~ Basic stepping stone of learning verbs and conjunctions

~ Talking in present tense

– Module 4

~ Quiz

~ Naming places

~ Introduction in French- speaking practice


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