Introduction to MS Excel


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What is MS Excel?
Excel is a spread sheet program developed by Microsoft which works on different operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Excel is the huge application with various types of business tasks like statistics, finance, data management, forecasting, analysis to track inventory and billing, and business intelligence.

Excel is very useful in most of the jobs, from accountant to human resources, administration department to receptionist all are using MS Excel. Knowledge of MS Excel can help you in:

  1. Number crunching
  2. Charts and graphs
  3. Store and Import data
  4. Manipulating text
  5. Templates and dashboards
  6. Automation of tasks

and much more

Perks of the course

  1. 14 hours of live classes
  2. 14 hours of demand videos
  3. Certificate of completion
  4. Live mentor assistance

Module 1:

➢ Introduction file types, spreadsheet structure, menu bar, quick access toolbar, mini toolbar, excel options.

➢ Formatting: format painter, font, alignment, number, style, cells, clear, page layout.

Module 2:

➢ Symbols

➢ Equations

➢ Editing & Links

➢ Charts

Module 3:

➢ Overview of Excel table and properties.

➢ Short Filter

➢ Importing Data and Exporting Data

Module 4:

➢ Data tools: text to columns

➢ Identifying and removing duplicates

➢ Using format cell options

➢ Applications of functions- upper, lower, trim, repeat

Module 5:

➢ Left, Right, Mid, Len, Exact, Value,

CONCATENATE find, Replace, Text join, fixed.

Module 6:

➢ Pivot Tables

➢ Logical Functions

➢ Excel Formula


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