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NISM Fundamental Analysis


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NISM Fundamental analysis is basically the methodology of stock valuation that arrived by security analysis. This is an appropriate course for all students either they are from financial or non-financial background. 

Younity provides this course for all those students who want to build their foundation and develop a command over fundamentals of NISM. Here all the students will be able to learn and gain experience with live interactive sessions with mentor.  


– 15 hours or live

– 15 hours of on demand lectures

– Certificate of completion

– Live mentor assistance

• Module 1

– What is fundamental analysis and relevance 

– Efficient market hypothesis and steps in

– Time value of money and interest

– Dictator’s and Auditor’s report


• Module 2

– Financial statements

– Analysis Of financial statements

– Financial ratios

– Du-pont analysis and cash conversation cycle

• Module 3

– Satyam case and need for forensic accounting

– Valuation methodologies

– Discounted cash flow

– Price-to-earnings and price to book value ratios

– EV/EBIT, price to sales ratio


• Module 4

– Special cases of valuation, financial services firms, firms negative cash flows

– Live fundamental analysis of companies using different tools


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