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The Psychology of Writing



About The Course

For all the reading enthusiasts and budding writers out here, Younity brings this course on the Psychology of Writing, wherein you get to step into a writer’s mind and gain insights on how to perceive the world from the eyes of a writer and learn how to start off with writing your first book.

Through this course, you get the opportunity to have your write-up published in an anthology on our website and gain exposure to a platform towards getting your book published.

Insights Of The Course:

Day 1: Introduction and Activity

Day 2: Writing starts with Observation

Day 3: Writing Articles

Day 4: Writing Poems

Day 5: Writing Short Stories

Day 6: Writing Fiction

Day 7: Writing Biographies/Autobiographies

Day 8: Summarising

Day 9: Open mic

Day 10: Sharing works


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